Resources and Publications

Here are some resources and publications that you might find interesting and useful.

Interested in insurance and reinsurance education services? Below are some of the presentations available for your organization. Customized modules are available on many topics.

How I Became an Insurance and Reinsurance Lawyer
How to do business development with US insurers and reinsurers
Introduction to Insurance
Introduction to Insurance – Focus on Business Interruption
Introduction to Reinsurance
Introduction to Reinsurance – Focus on different types of reinsurance (fac/treaty; proportional/non-proportional; risk-attaching/losses occurring,  etc)
Reinsurance Contract Analysis
Follow-the-fortunes/Follow-the-Settlements (including ECO and XPL)
Arbitration v. Litigation
Re-introduction to Reinsurance and Reinsurance Risk Transfer Mechanisms
Obligations of the Reinsurance Intermediary
Reinsurance Concepts – Utmost Good Faith
Reinsurance Concepts – Follow-the-Fortunes/Follow-the-Settlements
Reinsurance Concepts – Honorable Engagement/Custom and Practice
Reinsurance Concepts – Expenses in Excess of Limits
Reinsurance Concepts – Late Notice of Claim
Top 10 Reinsurance Cases for Cedents
Focus on Reinsurance Contract Wording – Proportional
Focus on Reinsurance Contract Wording – Non-Proportional