Reinsurance Arbitration – A Primer

As some of you know, I write a quarterly Reinsurance Commentary for International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI). Quite a few years ago I wrote a Commentary entitled “Reinsurance Arbitration – A Primer.” For my December 2021 Reinsurance Commentary, I updated that commentary. I hope you find it useful. You can access it at

Reinsurance Aggregation and COVID-19 Losses

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Insurers are paying COVID-19-related claims on all sorts of insurance policies, including workers’ compensation, directors and officers, general liability, event and travel cancellation, production stop loss, accident and health and many others. While the focus of attention is on business interruption, those are not the losses being paid on a daily basis.

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Reinsurance Commentary on

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As many of you know, this new blog, Schiffer on Re-Insurance, was created to pick up from the blog that I edited for my prior firm. I spend the last 5 years creating and editing content for the Insurance and Reinsurance Disputes Blog. It’s chocked full of insights and summaries of cases involving various aspects of reinsurance, as well as insurance issues, just like my new blog. My name might not be on that blog any more, but much of the content came from or was edited by me.

The other thing that I have done for way longer, is prepare quarterly Commentaries on Reinsurance for the International Risk Management Institute, Inc., otherwise known as IRMI. IRMI has tons of expert commentaries on all sorts of insurance and risk management issues. I have authored over 80 commentaries on reinsurance since March 2000. You can find the full list on my bio here. The topics cover contract wording, reinsurance terminology, case law, controversial reinsurance issues, confidentiality, reinsurance arbitration and many other topics. If you are interested in reinsurance, I think you will find my Commentaries on helpful.

I have also worked with on its Insurance and Risk Management Terms Glossary and co-authored and edited an White Paper titled the Top 50+ Reinsurance Cases Every Risk Professional Should Know.

I thought this information might be useful to some of my readers that are less familiar with my Reinsurance Commentaries.